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Rights policy

Rights Policy

I. Introduction

Codeway attaches great importance to confidentiality, intellectual property rights including copyrights and personal data; takes care to be transparent about them.

In this section we provide some information about copyrights, personal rights and data subject rights.

You can find below details on how you can protect your own copyrighted works as the creators and avoid infringing the copyrights of third persons; as well as how Codeway Dijital Hizmetler Anonim ┼×irketi (Codeway) addresses claims of infringement on copyright or personal rights. Lastly, we provide information on how data subjects can file their requests as per relevant data protection legislation.

II. Infringements on Copyright and Personal Rights

Creators should only upload materials they produce or are authorized to use. In other words, creators should not upload materials that they did not prepare or use a material that is copyrighted without a necessary authorization. We do not allow any Material that infringes copyright or personal rights. The use of copyrighted Material belonging to others without proper authorization, Material that violates personal rights of others or Material which infringes privacy of others will lead to a violation of Codeway's policies.

If you believe in good faith that materials transmitted or created through Codeway App (All Codeway apps shall be referred as "App" and such materials shall be referred as "Material/s") infringe your copyright, your personal right or privacy; you may send Codeway a notice requesting that we remove the Material or block access to it by filling out the form below. This publicly available form which can be accessible in all languages is best suited for most users. Please note that we shall not have any responsibility on confirming the information provided by you within the forms or shall not have any liability on the missing, non-accurate or wrong information provided with such. We will consider such information is true.

We would like to note that not all uses of copyrighted Material constitute an infringement. In many countries, exceptions to copyright infringement allow the use of these works under certain circumstances, without authorization of the copyright owner. After you fill out the form provided above, we will consider such situations depending on your country of residence and show the best effort to protect your rights.

What happens when Codeway is the hosting provider, in other words is not the creator of the Material?

In the situations where Codeway is not the content provider of Material, we will make the best effort to reach the content provider of such Material and send a notice to the content provider to remove the Material. Since Codeway's business, concerns mostly internet and online platforms, Codeway endeavors to respond the copyright claimant and to remove the Material in dispute when notified of the alleged unlawful Material published in Codeway platforms. However, in these situations where Codeway is not the creator of the Material, in other words it is the hosting provider, it shall not be subject to any other claims such as compensation other than the removal of the illegal Material.

What happens when Codeway is the content provider, in other words is the creator of the Material?

In the situations where Codeway is the content provider of the Material, we will make the best effort to remove the Material only if such Material infringes the copyright or personal right of yours.


If you believe in good faith that someone has wrongly filed a notice against you, you may send Codeway a counter-notice. Counter-notices should be sent to us via email at

Codeway has the right to suspend or terminate the use of the App by anyone engaged in suspected repeated infringement of such rights of others mentioned above.

Company Title: Codeway Dijital Hizmetler Anonim ┼×irketi
Address: Esentepe Mah, Buyukdere Cad, Ferkoo Apt, No 175/141, Sisli / Istanbul

Copyright or Personal Right Infringement Form

1) Name and surname
2) Information on the Right Ownership (Are you contacting us on your behalf or on behalf of someone else?)
*Please provide a proxy/power of attorney if you are contacting us on behalf of someone else.
3) Contact Information (Postal Address and E-mail Address)
* Please make sure you provide a valid e-mail and postal address since we will contact you through these addresses during our evaluation.
4) Which country is the rights owner based?
5) Please provide links, screenshots or any other sufficient information for us to locate the material infringing your rights or describe it in the box below.
Screenshots should be in the attachments of the e-mail.
6) Please state why you are reporting such material (whether it infringed your personal right, copyright or any other rights).
I accept and undertake that:
I believe that the alleged use of the relevant material; is not authorized by the
copyright owner, its representative or the law.
I understand that misuse of this form (e.g. submitting a request to remove
content that I do not own) may result against me.
I am the owner of the exclusive right that is allegedly infringed, or I am a representative
authorized to take legal action on behalf of the owner, knowing that the information set forth in this form is correct and that false representation will be punishable.

The PDF download will automatically start once you fill in the form and click "Download".
After downloading the PDF document, please send it to with your screenshots in the attachments.