Frequently Asked Questions

What is Early Impact AI Academy?

Early Impact AI Academy is Codeway's program that aims to attract exceptional AI talents. Early Impact AI Academy offers new grads, master's, and PhD students a tailor-made way to shine their careers in the mobile industry. For more information, please visit

Do you take applications from outside of Istanbul?

We accept applications from everywhere. However, in order to craft the best Early Impact AI Academy experience for you and ensure a rapid adaptation, we prefer you to work with us side by side in our Istanbul office located in Levent. Still, remote working option is also open for exceptional situations.

I am still studying my 2nd or 3rd year at the university, can I still apply?

Unfortunately not. This program is only open for new grads, master, and PhD students. We hope to see you in upcoming years!

It has been 2-3 years since I graduated. Would you take my application into consideration?

Yes! Early Impact AI Academy accept applications of new grads, master, and PhD students.

Is this an opportunity to join Codeway only for a limited time?

No, this program is a part of our regular hiring efforts. You’ll become a part of the team from the moment we shake hands. There is not a predetermined ending period for the Early Impact AI Academy hires.

Does the Early Impact program offer a salary or side benefits?

Yes, Early Impact offers competitive compensation. And you’ll have all the side benefits a Codeway member has as also listed in the program description.

Am I Going to Take Courses on AI?

We believe the best method to learn something is to practice it. You are not going to take traditional courses. However, you will have a chance to learn many things while working on real projects and full support of Codeway on any kind of training of your choice.

In Which Categories You Develop Mobile Apps?

We develop apps mostly in photo/video and entertainment categories. However, we are open to any promising idea you might come up with.

Are You Looking for Someone to Work on the Client-Side or Someone to do Research?

Both! We believe being flexible and working on the different sides of projects is what makes us powerful. You will both do some research and also take part in the business side of the projects you are working on. It’s also possible to specialize in the area of your choice.

How Does the Hiring Process Work?

You can find all the details about the hiring process in the PDF file we will sent you after your application. 

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